between spaces

Marcello B. Bonon | Philipp Lülsdorf | Gerit Godlewsky


Rural School for Haiti 





Between Spaces can be understood as a multi-functional school that unites all rooms and their intersections under one roof. The school can be classified in four different elements. On the ground you have a concrete platform, which protects the children from heavy rain and floods. Closed volumes organize the spaces on the platform. They are build from recycled stones and accommodate the utility rooms like kitchen, toilets and teachers office. The main structure of the roof consists of bamboo. It builds the grid and the framework of the building. In the middle of the school you can find an open space: The Atrium. It is the heart of the school and can be used in both phases as a multipurporse space. The inclined roof surface collects rain water and directs it into the toilets. Each classroom has its own colour code, spatialised through linen cloth and wall-plants, conferring each with its own identity. The linen cloth is tensed between the bamboo columns, providing light-flooded rooms with minimal material usage. The plants are an important element of the school routine and bring nature to the daily life of the children. The architecture of the school is part of the educational concept: «The third teacher is the architecture».