NOtre-dame competition

A new spire for Notre-Dame 



When reflecting about the future, one shouldn’t forget about the past. Based on this principle the design for the new spire for the Notre-Dame has an important role in both history and future. Architecture should consider its meaning and place, since it has the power to embrace both people and time. The new tower respects the hight of its predecessor, thus keeping the overall urban silhouette and historical proportion, however showing itself as a respectful landmark of its time. This accessible sculpture crowns the cathedral without stealing its glamour. The characteristic lancet arch will be emphasised as an element in a new abstract form representing the maxims of the gothic architecture. It extends and completes the existing structure in a contemporary manifestation truthful to its time. A superposition of the cathedrals crossing and the axes for the statues of the twelve apostles define the cardinal shape of the new spire. Eight equally treated arches on each level intertwine in an ascending movement. This octagonal profile reminisce about the previous spire, giving the new a sense of belonging. The correlation between past and present will be again represented through the material. The new spire will be constructed out of solid marble stone blocks precisely cut combining ancient and modern techniques. In particular the knowledge and know-how of the ancient stonemasons and computed aided techniques of the modern age. This process will ensure a fast and precise manufacture controlled by computer experts and a perfect construction under the supervision of skilled craftsmen. This way achieving an exceptional filigree form that is both structural and aesthetic driven. This timeless and elegant shape composed of a resisting and everlasting material will be able to withstand ages into the further future together with its roots.